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It’s that time of the year. Only 3 days away from the New Year 2015! It’s important to know that positive results are due to positive resolutions! Forget those negative resolutions that you probably won’t keep and replace them with positive solutions you can keep!

I’m on fire to inspire you with some rewarding resolutions to make this year that I found on

1. Renew a Childhood Passion

Become a child again! Renew and fall in love all over again with your childhood passion! Whatever it is!

2. Get Organized

A freshly cleaned house makes you feel good, right? Well, being organized and make you feel good too!

3. Learn How to Play an Instrument

This is your year to make some beautiful music! Whether you are looking to stimulate your brain or find a hobby, this just may be the thing for you!

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4. Learn to Say No

“No” is the hardest thing to say but practice makes perfect. “No” also makes more time for you too!

5. Take Up a New Sport

Get re-motivated by taking up a new sport. A new skill is always rewarding!

6. Volunteer for a Cause

Volunteer this New Year and you’ll reap the positive benefits of helping others.

7. Dream Often

Don’t stop dreaming because you are older. It’s because you are older you should dream more! Dream big!


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