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You know it’s so easy to get distracted from our diets or healthy eating habits over the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, I came across a “Thanksgiving Survival Guide” on, which includes the reasons why it’s important to know certain things ahead of time, such as:

Know where the most calories hang out! On Thanksgiving Day most Americans inhale 4500 calories, along with 229 grams of fat. Guess where most of those calories creep in? They sneak up on us while we are in front of the tube snacking as we watch the games and parades.

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Know what brings on the “itis!” You know that food coma you want to go into after you have stuffed yourself? The “itis” comes on when the body has to work overtime to digest all that food. So keep the mind every time you want an extra helping.

Check out this “Thanksgiving Survival Guide” for more tips at

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