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Today: Partly Cloudy with a possible pop up rain shower here and there!

High: 79

Second Dallas Nurse Has The Ebola Virus!

A second Dallas nurse has the Ebola virus. The nurse informed the CDC of her low-grade fever before taking a flight and was given the okay to fly anyway!

President Barack Obama Monitoring Ebola Response!

President Barack Obama has canceled his out-of-town trips again today, in order to stay in Washington to monitor the Ebola response due to the many mistakes that have been made here in the U.S. regarding the virus, as Ebola worries grow!

Philadelphia City Council and The Ebola Virus!

Philly’s City Council will meet today to discuss our local ability to handle the Ebola virus! Are we prepared or not? We’ll find out after a hearing that will be held this afternoon to address these questions.

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