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dear godDear God: Align us with friends who stick closer than a brother and lift us up rather than tear us down.

If you find yourself suddenly in a slump that you can’t seem to get out of, your friends just might be the problem.

Should depression settle in, remember that you always have a friend in God.

He’s always waiting to hear from you and won’t hang up or get impatient with you.

Do not allow doubt, guilt or fear to rob you of the pure, unadulterated joy and peace that comes from God.

And when you cannot find friends to celebrate you, get alone with God and praise him for loving you just as you are!

The truth is: God created man to be in relationship with HIM, not one another.

Let the one who made you inspire your relationships.

People often speak about being unevenly yoked in marriage.

What about your friends?

In Bible times, a yoke was for balancing the burden between two animals.

Who is carrying more of the weight between you and your friends?

Whose burden is weighing you down?

Take time to review your relationship with your friends – clean house!

Which friends have you outgrown and no longer fit?

What weights do you need to lose?

Some people are only meant to walk with you, not run.

Others are to run with you, not fly.

Don’t try to fly with a walker!

Celebrate the people in your life who have helped you develop your wings, through each stage of your life.

Just because your friends are still running, never be afraid to fly!

You will encounter others in the next phase of your journey. Embrace change.

Appreciate the beauty and value of what your friends have contributed to your life.

But, do not stay stuck in the mud trying to dig out the person who pulled you down into it!

Many of us forget that 1 Cor 15:33 was talking about people in the church who may be bad associations for us.

KNOW THIS: There are some things intended for you ALONE!

Stop trying to get a partner in all you do!

God will NOT entrust you and WILL pass you over if you cannot be a good steward on your own!

Do not be co-dependent!

I have not referred to anyone as my best friend in years.  Why?

Because I don’t want best friends.  I’d much prefer BLESSED friends.

Our best is limited by human frailties, but God’s blessed supercedes all.

Oprah never gave Gayle opportunities merely because they are best friends.

Her opportunities arose from Gayle’s being blessed with gifting and talent and her friend recognizing how they could bless others.

What ABOUT your friends? Do they share your values? Are you headed in the same direction?

Or are you just used to having them around?

Sometimes in order for God to enlarge your territory, you need to first tighten your circle.

Snip, snip!

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