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No matter what you currently think about God, He really does have a strong desire to bless you. And here are 7 ways He blesses His children everyday:

1) God wants to help you see things from heaven’s perspective.

As human beings, we tend to view things from earth’s perspective rather than heaven’s perspective. After all, this is where we live right now. It’s all we know. But God isn’t limited by anything because nothing is impossible for Him. So when pressure in your life feels like it is crushing the hope right out of you, look up. Remember the One who left heaven to rescue you. And ask the Lord to breathe a fresh breath of spiritual insight and a wholesome vision into your being. It can make all the difference in the world.

2) God wants to give you joy in serving others.

No one wants to serve others if their heart is filled with selfish desires. And by nature, that tends to be the direction our heart gravitates. But God changes that focus when He comes into our life. He not only makes it delightful for us to worship and serve Him, but it also becomes a joy to serve others. Go figure. That is opposite of the way many people live, but it is so much more fulfilling.

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