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My career goals and aspirations have changed significantly over the years. While matriculating through elementary and middle school, I wanted to be a news broadcaster and a ballerina. In high school, I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business woman, yet, I had no idea which industries interested me at that time. Once I reached college, I realized that I had no interest in finance and/or accounting; I just wanted to be an attorney at the end of the day.

Fast forward to present day and I am still figuring out what motivates me in my career pursuits and goals I set for myself each year. One year, I wanted to work for a mid-sized law firm, collect a pay check every two weeks, watch my 401-k grow and enjoy the experiences that new litigation matters came with. However, the following year, I just wanted to work for myself, from home, and on whatever projects that came my way that fueled my interests, freedom and creativity.

Each year my motivation changes and I think this process will ultimately lead me to the career I want, even if it involves several different ventures. So what motivates you in your desires to advance in or change your career?

Here are 7 factors that may come in handy when seeking to put some pep back in your step while motivating towards your goals.


Source:  Hello Beautiful


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