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What’s one thing naturals try to get around doing? Getting a trim! But holding on to dead hair is not the move, so like it or not, trims are an essential part of maintaining healthy, growing natural hair. How you decide to trim your natural hair will depend on your personal preference. Here are a few methods to try to keep your ends on point!

Search and destroy

To search and destroy, simply search your hair for any split ends or knots and cut only the damaged end off. Regular trims typically require you to cut off a section of hair even if every strand is not split. Some naturals do this as often as every day. For women like myself who don’t have the patience or time to do it that often, try using this method on your wash day. It’s a great way to keep up with your ends without going for the full blown cut.

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Trim twist or braids

To give yourself a real trim, do it while your hair is still in twists or braids. This is very similar to the search and destroy method. Simply take each twist and cut off damaged ends.  I find this method a lot easier to do than on straight hair.

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Straight hair trim

Although I don’t prefer to give myself a trim on straight hair, some naturals wouldn’t have it any other way. There are definitely benefits to getting your trimmed on straightened hair. It’s easier to see where your ends are damaged on straight hair opposed to curly.

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I suggest trying out different methods to see what works for you.  The same goes for how often. Some naturals can go a full six months without getting a trim while others need it every two months. I wouldn’t listen to the general rule of 6-8 weeks. It’s best that you check your ends to see if a trim is absolutely necessary and trim according to your hair’s needs. If you do trim your own hair, I do recommend getting a professional trim at least once a year.

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