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Every couple we see at a wedding and every love story we see in the movies reminds us that loving someone and being loved are the most important elements in life.  However, the journey that gets us to and keeps us in that love can be challenging.

A good way to start your journey is with standards!  Once you set the standard for loving yourself, you should never lower the bar to get love!  I know it’s easier said than done, because most people look forward to having someone to share their life.  But the great thing about this life is you can have it like you want it!

Here are some tips for Raising the bar and your standards…

There is a time to say YES and a time to say NO!

  • No we can’t have sex before marriage and Yes you need to have a job!

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions!

  • What is your HIV status?  What is your credit score?

Know what you want out of your relationship!

  • I want to talk to you; I want you to listen to me; I want a family!

Know who you are and know your mate!

  • Dating without sex will allow you to be who you really are; flaws and all!

The greatest love of all is unconditional love!

  • Make sure you don’t lower your standards, ever, because you are in it for the long haul!

When it comes to having a relationship that is right for you, pull out all the stops, lift the bar and stand on what you believe!

The Church Lady

Written by:  Kay K. Bellamy

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