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Winter is the hardest time of year to retain moisture in natural hair. As soon as the cold temperatures arrived, I instantly felt a difference. If you’re noticing your hair is becoming dry and brittle, try doing the following to whip things back in shape.

1. Deep condition

You should deep condition year round, but if you don’t, this is definitely the time to do it. If you do deep condition then you may want to increase how often. Some people only deep condition once a month or every other week, but during the winter months you should be deep conditioning every week.

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2. Use an effective moisturizing method

The method in which you are moisturizing your hair is very important. Often times we don’t take out the time to do this properly. After washing and conditioning hair, put in a leave-in conditioner, then a butter or cream, then seal it all in with an oil. It may seem like a lot of product, but the harsh weather will try to strip it all away. This is extra protection for your strands; so don’t worry about your hair feeling weighed down. Use each product according to your own hair type.

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3. Wear satin lined hats

Typically you want to wear a hat when it’s cold outside, but naturals need to be careful. It’s not a good idea to put any kind of hat on your head without silk lining. They aren’t the easiest to find in stores, but they can definitely be found online. If you’re creative, you can simply take hats you already have and sew in a lining yourself.

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 4. Wear protective style

As a natural, you’ve probably heard “protective style” more times than you can count, but this is really the time of year for it. The more your hair is out, the drier it will be. After moisturizing your hair you want to trap the moisture in and one way of doing that is putting in some sort of twists or braids. There are other proactive styles to explore, but those will give you the best results at retaining moisture.

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 5. Use a humidifier

This may sound strange, but using a humidifier in your home will help keep your hair moisturized. The air is super dry every where, even in the house. Using a humidifier will help restore or keep moisture in the strands. Many people own humidifiers already to keep the air clean. It’s definitely a multi-purpose item that I think is worth investing in.

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