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‘Tis the Season to be jolly. Yeah, Yeah! While everyone is busy doing the traditional Christmas activities like shopping for presents for loved ones (boring), decorating the Christmas tree (who needs one), cooking a huge dinner and patiently waiting for Santa to arrive (he’s not coming), we’ve decided to switch it up a bit and give you some nontraditional options that you (that grumpy chick crowding the egg nog) can do to enjoy this holiday season…

5. Spend Nothing!

Sure, we all love to give and receive gifts on Christmas, but sometimes, between all the shopping and gift wrapping, we forget the true meaning of the holiday. It seems that Christmas time now-a-days means gifts, spending money, and more gifts, so why not try a Christmas doing the exact opposite and spend nothing! Make a vow with your loved ones that you will buy zilch this Christmas but give gifts that money can’t buy instead. You could try things such as making homemade recipes or passing down family traditions. Who knows, just spend time doing things together, that might work! This would definitely make your Christmas one to remember!

4. Go out to dinner

Since we’re talking about nontraditional Christmases, let’s consider packing up the apron and cooking utensils and going out for dinner instead of staying inside? It might be a little easier to let someone to prepare the holiday feast for a change, and sure beats having to clean up after all of your party guests!

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3. Going to the movies

Some of the greatest movies are released on Christmas day, so why not round up the whole family and head to your local theater to see your favorite movie before you sit down for dinner? This fun, family outing will get everyone out of the house, and cause for some good discussions over Christmas dinner!

2. Volunteering

The holidays are a great time to reflect on our blessings and spend time showing our loved ones how much they mean to us. Sure, it’s great to open presents and eat Christmas dinner with our families, but think about how much more fulfilled you would feel if you took the time out of your Christmas holiday to volunteer at an orphanage, homeless shelter or soup kitchen spreading joy to the less fortunate! The gift of your time and the gift of your love are two of the greatest gifts that you could give someone! It’s worth a try!

1. Vacation

OK so the whole wake up Christmas morning to find that their neighborhood had been blanketed with a fresh sheet of white snow is totally cute, but as soon as the initial excitement of that white precipitation wears off, we’re ready for some warm weather! Why not switch it up this year and book an island getaway for you and your family! Just think about it: cocktails on the beach, sun and fun! Spending the holidays snorkeling, scuba diving, and opening presents on the beach under a palm tree sounds like a very Merry Christmas to me!

Whatever you and your family decide to do this Christmas, make sure you do it with love!

Happy Holidays!

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