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The weight is just falling off Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson. Earlier this year, the former “American Idol” contestant revealed a new svelte figure on the cover of PEOPLE. And on Thursday, Hudson confessed she’s lost an additional 20 pounds since then!

Hudson, who’s currently a Weight Watchers spokesperson, admitted she’s just as surprised by the additional weight loss as everyone else. “I didn’t expect to go as far as I did!” she told PEOPLE at an event in New York City on Thursday. “People are like, ‘Okay Jennifer don’t lose anything else!'”

The actress, who will go on tour in early 2011 to promote her upcoming second album, isn’t quite used to her new body. The former size-16 star reveals she’s constantly taken aback when she’s shopping.

“I go into the store and they try to put me in 4s and 6s and I’m like, ‘Who are you trying to talk to?'” said the actress. “My mind hasn’t caught up yet.”

And though she seems to be enjoying her new smaller size, she’s quick to point out that she’ll be happy no matter how small–or big–she is. “I’ve always been a person who’s comfortable with myself whether it’s plus-size, small size it doesn’t matter,” said Hudson.

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