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On Sunday Pastor Marvin Winans is planning a special blessing at his Perfecting Church in Detroit, a dedication service for children two years old and under. However, when a woman who is a member called the church this week to make arrangements for her 2-year-old son and stated that she was not married, she was then informed that Pastor Winans’ policy is that he is not to bless children of unwed mothers in front of his congregation. The woman said that she even though she is not married she wants to instill values and morals in her son based upon the word of God. She also said that she had never felt so degraded and disrespected in her life.


Source: Black Christian News

Photo Credit: Praise-Cleveland

Some local pastors in Detroit are saying that Pastor Marvin Winans is wrong for his policy and that he’s being judgmental. However, some pastors agree with Pastor Winans’ church policy. What are you thoughts?

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