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It appears that a government shutdown will take place tonight at midnight as both sides continue to go at it on Capitol Hill. Senate democrats could reject the House bill without any debate, just a simple 51-vote majority. The bill would delay the implementation of Obamacare by a year and wipeout its planned tax on medical devices.

A government shutdown will affect us in this region by closing the doors of Independence Mall and The Liberty Bell, in which 10,000 people visit each day. And nearly 200 employees of the Independence National Historical Park would get furlough notices when they show up at work tomorrow.

Federal air traffic controllers and airport screeners would keep working at Philadelphia International Airport. Home sales could also be affected as FHA wouldn’t underwrite or approve any new mortgages during a shutdown. Valley Forge National Park would also shut down. However, mail deliveries will continue as usual.


Photo Credit: ELEV8

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