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Ready or not this generation is asking for more! They want unedited truth if you did it, say you did it! It’s obvious they just want to know if you can relate to their struggle. Well, Sarah Jakes has taken on the responsibility to be one of the voices of this generation in her first book release.

Check out the synopsis: The story of Ruth is a story of collisions—loss, heartache, poverty, even shame. She could have let her past define her. Instead, the most painful time of her life also became her most pivotal, propelling her to a destiny she never imagined. By allowing God to transform her circumstances, this once downtrodden foreign widow became the great-grandmother of King David!

Perhaps you have a past you’re struggling to overcome. If disappointments, whether a result of your own choices or the actions of others, have kept you from being your true self, this book is for you. Follow the trials Ruth endured, and discover the hope available to each of us. Your yesterday does not have to dictate your tomorrow.

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