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A Sample Prayer for Elementary School Students Preparing to Go Back to School


“Dear Jesus,

“Thank you for this new school year. I’m moving up a grade and can’t wait to see my friends from last year. Please help me to try hard and do my best.

“I don’t know what this year will be like, but You do. There will be times to learn, to have fun, to work hard and probably times I will be unhappy or mad. Help me to remember that You are always with me. I want to say and do only the things that make You happy but sometimes I forget. Please help me.

“Some of the kids at my school do things that are wrong. Help me be brave enough to tell them no if they ask me to do bad things. Please keep me safe at school. I want to be a good example to other kids.

“Thank you for taking care of me no matter where I am. Amen.”

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