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What do you Feel about Christian Reality TV Shows? Is it helping or Hurting the Church?

Brooks: Hurting because most of the time their acting like the world!

Nichols: My opinion: hurting. The posturing, need to look good, have the biggest church, more fame within the inner circle, jealousy, pettiness, etc. Besides the occasional prayer, where is God? Where is the annointing? Where is the outreach to the people…..ALL people? Forget the heels…forget the cars and the houses. Yes God blesses and that is great but being a good steward over your blessings and being a faithful servant should be core values reflected daily in our walk. IJS…

Shar J: I donr like them and I feel they are hurting the Church. They’re Hurting The Church They are not helping the Church. The Church is Not on display enough…

White: certain things just shouldn’t be glorified .. by way of a showy display or monetary reasons

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