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Religion has been called to question lately, by the media and even in out music. With a myriad of people bashing the Christian church on their views of gay marriage and other recent social issues, there hasn’t been much tolerance for religious opinions in society. Black Churches have stepped on their own feet with many of the public actions and statements that popular preachers, as well as members, have declared.

More recently, there has been a wave of support for gay marriage and the freedom to become married to whomever you love. In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama became the first president to openly support the marriage of gay couples. With that statement, according to, multiple black pastors began distancing themselves from the man they once supported in the 2008 election. Many black pastors called for their congregants to refrain from voting.

With such strong thoughts about whom others choose to marry, there are plenty other issues that the Black church is now neglecting. highlighted that more light could be shed on poverty, health, divorce, violence and education in the Black community, just to name a few. Those are certainly issues that range throughout the entire world no matter the race, age or gender. However, in America, these are issues that hit home to the minority of the United States of America.

Could it be that the Black Churches are too opinionated on people’s personal lives? Are there other issues that the Black Church could focus on primarily? Is the Black Church becoming too political?

words by: India Lee

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