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Today’s personal life coaching tips are the wind beneath your wings, lifting you to your feet with ways to stop stressing!

If you are worry wart then you may want to try out some of these ways to go from being a worrier to a warrior:

Derail Your Worry Train!

First things first, bring your worry train to a halt! Just because have a feeling something bad might happen, doesn’t me you have to ride that negativity. Instead, change trains and take a ride into how you would feel if everything turned out quite right!

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Journal Your Worries!

This is a great way to see that most of the things you worried about didn’t happen the way you thought at all. So put those worries on paper and leave them there. Pray about those worries and then a few days or weeks later, write down the outcome. You’ll see things are never as they seem!

Peel Your Worries Away!

When you feel a stress-fest coming, put it to the test! Grab a grapefruit or an orange. It’s something about pressing your nail into the skin, peeling back and smelling that citrus scent; which keeps you in that moment.

Replace worry with prayer and watch your worries fade away, just like memories!

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