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Have you ever heard that the children of religion preachers are the baddest!?  If so, the truth is coming to light today with the premiere of Lifetime’s newest reality show ‘Preachers’ Daughters’.

‘Preacher’s Daughters’, is a reality show that gives viewers an insight on what it is like to have a preacher as a parent.  The network chose three teenage girls to follow, who display behavior opposite of what their preacher parent(s) teach.  The trailer for the show shows the girls, partying, interacting with boys, and their relationship with their parents.

‘Preachers’ Daughters’ is definitely the religion version of ‘Bad Girls Club’.  Although its a new type of reality, I will be tuning in to see these girls give their parents close heart attacks with their behavior.  This show goes to show that no one is perfect, and everyone has faults, even those who have religious leaders as parents.

Check the trailer (below) of the new reality show ‘Preachers’ Daughters’.  Will you be tuning in!?

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