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The high school girls attending Disney Dreamers Academy were in for a treat Saturday morning as they sat in for an engaging, interactive fashion lesson from Brandi and Karli Harvey. The 30 year old twin daughters of comedian and media host, Steve Harvey, these two women have managed to carve out a lane for themselves encouraging and inspiring young girls. Whether it’s through their now defunct program,Young Fit and Fly or in presentations like the one yesterday, these dynamic women know how to use realness to relate to their audience. MadameNoire sat down with these two after their presentation. See what they had to say about the role fashion plays in reaching your dreams, fashion faux pas and how they learned to love themselves after being teased in high school.

You guys have it together, fashion-wise now, but what was the biggest fashion mistake you made in the past 10-15 years?

Karli: 15 years ago, I was 15 and I dressed like a boy at 15. I used to wear Nautica, Polo, Tommy and I wore Timbs…

Brandi: Everyday.

Karli: I wore a size 34/34 in mens. That’s how baggy my pants were and I was a small high schooler. Everything was huge. I was into the Hip Hop phase.

What about you?

Brandi: Yes. We dressed alike until we were 15.

So what happened? What changed?

Brandi: You know what, I think what happened with us was that we just got our own style. We started to just become our own person. Karli cut her hair at 16 and then I started to wear the long, micro braids. So that became my signature, even through college. And that became Karli’s signature the short hair. And we started to just find our own way.

Karli: Now, we had style when we were little, when our mom dressed us we had style. Because she could dress us like nobody’s business. We were always impeccably dressed as kids.

Brandi: And especially going to church.

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