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Marriage is hard. It takes work. Here are some incredible words.

  • “The secret to love and marriage is loving each other through the best and roughest of times. Divorce is not an option! Giving up is not an option! Make the decision to be committed to each other no matter what.”– James & Cheryl Fortune
  • “I believe marriage is a gift! It should be opened up and enjoyed!  And a great marriage isn’t just about give and take, but developing a loving relationship which provides both partners with friendship, security, companionship, love, and support.  To achieve this, there has to be a great level of patience, work, and sacrifice.”- Isaac  Carree 

  • “God first, we both come from a spiritual background. A lot of compromise. Picking your battles. Respecting each other… We have a special bond, equally yolked.” LL Cool J

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