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When asked on my facebook page, “how would you encourage someone who is dealing with depression during this holiday season? Here’s what my friend Richard Smallwood shared…

I’m gonna be honest Neicy. Being someone who suffered with depression for many years as it runs in my fam. (grandad committed suicide) I have quite a bit of experience with it. The best thing to do of course is surround them in prayer, and try to be there for them as much as you can. Words many time can’t break through, but your presence can. It’s good if you can get them out of the house for a change of environment and surround them with people who love them and are concerned. It may be even necessary for them to talk to someone professional if it gets too bad. The presence of those who love and care is of the utmost importance.

Richard shared that he is currently working on his auto biography which will include a chapter dealing with his battle with depression.

Our best wishes to Richard.. we love you!!

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