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In preparation for The King’s Men Tour, featuring Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and Israel Houghton, your favorite Praise Team has composed a list of essential items you need to fully optomize your praise experience October 7th at The Liacouras Center! Check out the items you need to create your praise and worship survival kit for The King’s Of Men Tour.

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5. Sunday’s Best: Pull out your top hats, gloves and your fanciest apparel for all in attendance will styling and profiling at the concert, for the heavenly Lord. Come dressed to be blessed!

4. Shouting Shoes: Let’s face it. It’s about time we give our favorite praise shoes a rest and break in a new pair. It’s always good to carry an extra pair of shouting shoes because when the Spirit is called it comes! Based upon the sneak preview Franklin, McClurkin, Sapp and Houghton awed viewers with on The View, bringing an extra pair of shouting shoes is highly recommended for your survival kit.

3. Hand fan/ Mini Electric Fan: With so many gifted individuals taking part in The King’s Men tour, there is sure to be continuous praise and worship through the night. To prevent medical incidents from occurring, bringing a fan to cool down during breaks will lead to a quick recovery. Keeping cool and staying hydrated is crucial when worshiping during the concert.

2. Notebook: Deemed as the King’s Men, Franklin, McClurkin, Sapp and Houghton are expected to testify to all in attendance. Keeping a notebook handy will allow you to quickly jot down testimonies shared through the night. Keeping a little notebook on hand allows for easy note taking which can later be shared at the next church meeting.

1. Have An Open, Willing and Able Attitude.: Most importantly in order to fully benefit from The King’s Men tour, one must release all troubles and truly open yourself to restoration of faith. Above all the tour will allow for an opportunity to grow in faith and give thanks to the many blessings received.

In addition to the items in your The King’s Men Tour Survival Kit, Praise Philly’s own Dezzie offers some words of advice for individuals preparing for the show:

“Wear your Sunday Best cause you are A Friend Of God! Remember God sees the Best In You, so start Walking In Authority and don’t forget to Smile.

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