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Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed with rules for front row removal. Everybody cannot be in our front row.

As I was taking inventory of my life this weekend, I realized that it is time for me to do an extreme life-makeover.  I have begun my life remodeling, rearranging and removing.

Too much access to my front row has become excess; and it’s time for me to reassess, who stays on my front row and who has to go!

Reclaim your life with the rules of front row removal:

  • Remove those who constantly suck the life out of us; and make room for those who sow life into us.
  • Remove those who lean; and make room for those who lift!
  • Remove those who discourage; and make room for those who in encourage.
  • Remove those who tear us down; and make room for those who build us up.
  • Remove those who are dragging us downhill; and make room for those inspiring us uphill.
  • And remove those who cling and don’t bring!

Our front row is reserved for special seating; and choosing who sits in the front row of our life, must be done carefully with wisdom and discernment from God.

Remove who God does not approve. Let’s keep our circles small and our God big!


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