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Memorial Day means many things to Americans:

– An opportunity to remember those who’ve died in service of their country.

– A chance to get together with friends and relatives.

– Cookouts.

– Picnics.

– Box socials. (They still have those, right?)

Thanks to the three-day weekend, Memorial Day is also a great time for road trips. If you’re planning one, though, you should know that travel conditions will be slightly different than they were last year. AAA has put together a list of things you ought to expect.

1. Cheaper gas: Back in January, it seemed as if gas would soon hit record levels, but prices have dropped dramatically in recent weeks. The average price for regular unleaded is now $3.68 a gallon — almost 20 cents lower than it was last year. (That’s due to cheaper oil and increased domestic production here in the U.S.)

2. More traffic, especially near major cities: AAA expects a small uptick in the number of drivers this weekend. In all, 30.7 million folks are expected to undertake road trips in the coming days, which is 400,000 more than last year. Why the jump? There appear to be several reasons:

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