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Erica and Tina Campbell are blessed to be a blessing to others. Their reality show “Mary Mary” just got renewed for a second season, they released a new CD, “Go Get It” and now they are lending their voice to promote education through the “I WILL GRADUATE” campaign!

“Entertainers 4 Education Alliance” developed the “I WILL GRADUATE” campaign to prevent the students from dropping out of school. Stats show that 7,000 students drop out of school each day nationwide. Therefore, the Mary Mary duo is showing their support to the “I WILL GRADUATE” campaign which aims to get 1,000,000 students to pledge that they will graduate.

See the I WILL GRADUATE pledge at!

The I WILL GRADUATE pledge says:

•I am determined that I will graduate from high school.

•Education is the key to my future success.

•I will attend school every day.

•I will work hard in every way. I will honor all who have shared their knowledge with me so that I can succeed.

•I will stay out of trouble and engage in activities that support my community.

•I will have faith in myself and never give up!

•I will be positive even when times get tough.

•I will do my best

•I will strive to be the best!

Source: EEW Magazine

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