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President Obama yukked it up on NBC’s “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon early Wednesday, joking about his hairstyle and favorite comedy in hopes of winning over young voters in his fight with Mitt Romney.The President had good reason to be in a chipper mood, he was set to secure the 2,778 delegates needed to get the party’s nod for a second term during voting Tuesday in New York and a handful of other states.

Romney, the Republican front-runner, was also ready to put a stranglehold on the GOP nomination.

Romney, according to most polls, was expected to coast to primary victories in the Empire State, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, bringing an effective end to the GOP primary battle amid light voter turnout.

As Romney and Obama transitioned into general election mode, the President pushed a plan to lower interest rates on college loans at the University of North Carolina before taking the couch next to Fallon — a popular comic with students and young adults.

Obama riffed on the generation gap with his target audience, revealing that one of his favorite movies is older than many of the students his loan plan would help.

“I’ll date myself when people ask me what kind of comedies I like, I’ll say ‘Groundhog Day,’ ” Obama said of the 1993 film starring Bill Murray. “I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of TV.”

The President, who poked fun at the afro he sported during his own college days, took the stage to participate in one of Fallon’s signature bits, “slow-jamming the news.”

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