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Contributed by: Malikka Michelle (Digital Intern)


Since news spread on the Sanford, Florida killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the country became outraged and began to hold worldwide marches and protests in his honor. With this case being in the public eye and justice not being served in a timely manner, it gives much wonder on other cases similar to his.

In White Plains, New York, 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain was fatally shot by police officers in November. Officers were said to have responded to a false alarm sent by Chamberlain’s medic alert bracelet. His son is now gathering signatures for an online petition to lead into deeper investigation into his father’s case. Officers were said to have used racial slurs before entering the man’s apartment. The police commissioner said Chamberlain was emotionally disturbed and came at officers with a knife, withstood a stun gun and bean bags fired at him and had to be shot. The Chamberlain family’s attorney said they have been promised a full investigation.

Another similar case to this was the 2006 shooting of Queens, New York native Sean Bell. Bell had recently gotten engaged and decided to head to a local club with a few friends to celebrate. His night and life ended tragically when he was shot 50 times by on duty police. No one has been arrested or penalized for the shooting as of yet.

In Atlanta, 17-year-old Canard Arnold, was shot in the back by a white security guard. Police officers and the guard claimed the shooting as being justified after the teenager and another resident living in his apartment complex was caught in a gunfire match. Arnold’s family say that he was shot after having an altercation with another man and never confronting the security guard. Fulton District Attorney said the guard shot because he believed he was being shot at.

Many of these cases have been on national news, but have not received the same amount of press as Martin’s. All of these cases share a common ground and no justice has been brought to any of the fallen. Their killings are deemed as simple mistakes, but their families are left without a loved one.

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