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When it comes to saving a lot of money, sometimes it’s the little savings that add up. A Harris Poll randomly surveyed adults to find out what they’re doing to save money now, and the replies are a step-by-step list on how you can tighten your belt without a lot of sacrifice. Here’s the top 10 best ways to save money now and the percentage of people who are actually doing this:

1. Purchase more generic brands, 65%

2. Brown bag lunch instead of buying it, 48%

3. Switch to tap water and refillable bottles instead of buying bottled water, 39%

4. Go to the hairdresser or barber less often, 38%

5. Cancel one or more magazine subscriptions, 31%

6. Cancel or cut back on cable TV service, 22%

7. Stop buying coffee in the morning, 22%

8. Cancel a newspaper subscription, 17%

9. Cancel land-line telephone service and rely only on cell phone service, 15%

10. Carpool or use mass transit instead of driving to work, 12%

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