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There is such power in what you say. Whether the words are yours or from a poem, a wise person or the Bible. They can be tools that fuel our existence.

I remember I was about 20yrs old and I was dating a guy who lived out of state. It was getting pretty serious around this time, and he told me we’d have to move if we got married, because in Los Angeles, we would either have or have not! I politely told him, you clearly don’t know me well enough, cause I will never be one of the have-nots!

That wasn’t a statement of arrogance but one of inner faith, strength and belief. A Belief that I was gonna make my place in this world. It had nothing to do with money and everything to do with values.

This was long before I was an official songwriter or even a recording artist. I was just Erica who sang in the choir and did hair. Tina and I lived together in a little small apartment while we worked toward our dreams. We both just believed that we mattered. We were little girls and one day I said, “We’re poor!” And Tina, who was maybe 9 yrs old at the time said, “We ain’t poor! We just don’t have some things.” She had that fire as a little kid!

The most powerful things we have are our words. Words to ourselves and to our loved ones. Words to our future, that speak into our destiny.

They all shape us, whether negative or positive. Take a look at the words you use the most. What do you say to your children, your mate? What do you say to your co-workers? More importantly, what do you say to yourself?

Try this…

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

I’m a winner. I can do this. I am beautiful. I’m worth it, I’m good enough. I’ll survive. It’s tough, but I’m tougher! I can make it… I WILL make it. I’ll reach my goal. I AM loved. I am special. I am God’s child. I am the best. I am Blessed. You tell yourself daily. Declare it, don’t just think it, say it out loud. And speak that same truth to the people around you. Affirm the ones you love, build strong people around you by planting seeds of hope and faith and love. Empower the people in your life with your words!

In the meantime, don’t except negativity from people, BUT if the words spoken to you are the truth, you must filter it through love. Take it and apply it where you need to. Sometimes things aren’t said as ”pretty” or “nice” as we’d like, but if they’re spoken in love, it changes you and can make you better.

You can control what you say and how you react to what’s said to you! Find your peace by changing the way you speak to others and to yourself!! Words are powerful!

In Love,

Erica & Tina

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