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When we see popular recording artists like Pastor Donnie McClurkin on TV and ministering on various platforms around the world, it’s easy to think they don’t have a care in the world. Many even assume folks like the “We Fall Down” singer are oblivious to critics and don’t give much thought to how others perceive them. But Pastor Donnie McClurkin, via Twitter, revealed how untrue such assumptions are.

On Saturday, McClurkin felt like being transparent and said:

I’ve stopped concerts/tour for different reasons..pastoring is 1of them..fear of not being relevant is another, ticket prices, critics, etc

Though he managed to squeeze that explanation into less than 140 characters, EEW Magazine editors are taking a closer look at what he said.

1. Pastoring: Shepherding his congregation is a priority.

2. Fear of not being relevant: He is concerned about no longer relating to this generation.

3. Ticket Prices: In this poor economy, it might be tough to get folks to shell out those hard-earned dollars to purchase tickets for performances.

4. Critics: The negative and always loud voices of those detractors eager to point on flaws can be distracting.

His openness reveals that every individual, no matter how accomplished, popular, or gifted, struggles with adversity. Whether perceived or real, distractions and hindrances exist for all of us.

Even still, Pastor McClurkin doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for him. He added, “But b4the barrage of scriptures & encouragement..I’m really contemplating a concert series 2012 after praying! I feel a heavy urge 2minister.”

Looks like those fears and concerns might take a back seat to his passion for ministry next year. It would be nice to see him hit up some cities and get those vocal chords working before live audiences more regularly.


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