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Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network honored actor, producer and director, Tyler Perry last Wednesday at their Triumph Awards.

Sharpton would call Tyler Perry’s, critics “proper negroes” who don’t understand regular Black folk.

Writer Says Tyler Perry Movies Are “Cinematic Malt Liquor”

Tyler Perry Is The Richest Man In Hollywood

The Washington Post reports:

Sharpton said Perry has given work to many black actors who have been ignored by Hollywood, and has created an empire on his own terms: “The ultimate pride is where you don’t have to bend and adjust for others to accept you. … He didn’t go mainstream, he brought mainstream to us.”

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Perry said black people first gave him success, and he has sought to tell his community’s stories. He accused his critics of trying to remove themselves from their roots.

“I stayed with who we are, and what I wish I could get us to understand as a people is that instead of getting your education and running from us, you need to ground and root yourself in who we are. Every other culture in this country knows the value of us as black people but we don’t know it ourselves,” he said.

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