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According to a new report, churches are spending more on themselves than on the needs of the community the Church serves. In a report by The Christian Post titled “The State of Church Giving Through 2009,” they found  that funds used for giving outside the church including including giving to charities and seminary training, hit a new low compared to their first report in 1968.

The report, which used data from evangelical and mainline churches, revealed that tithing as a percentage of income was at its lowest level in 41 years, Religion News Service noted.

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One thought on “Are Churches Spending More Money To Please Members?

  1. These folks are getting into the pulpit for their own selfish greed. I used to go to church and pay money regularly until I found out for myself what was going on. These Snakes and Pimps in the Pulpit are there
    to molest people and get money for themselves. People better wake up. Everyone that’s in the pulpit isn’t
    there for the right reasons. One Pimp in the Pulpit was asked by a member for assistance. He told the person that they should have practiced better money management. That person left and never came back. Hhe was
    smart. People only do to you what you let them do.

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