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As interracial families, mixed marriages and biracial children increase in the U.S., so do old stigmas and tensions towards them.

One out of every seven new marriages is between a couple of different races, yet interracial couples and children still face tensions.

Post-Racial? Black-White Marriages On The Rise

Poll Shows That 86% Of Americans Approve Of Interracial Marriage

The New York Times reports:

Jenifer L. Bratter, an associate sociology professor at Rice University who has studied multiracialism, said that as long as race continued to affect where people live, how much money they make and how they are treated, then multiracial families would be met with double-takes. “Unless we solve those issues of inequality in other areas, interracial families are going to be questioned about why they’d cross that line,” she said.

According to Census data, interracial couples have a slightly higher divorce rate than same-race couples — perhaps, sociologists say, because of the heightened stress in their lives as they buck enduring norms. And children in mixed families face the challenge of navigating questions about their identities.

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