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Hey Praise Family!

I’m so excited about what God is doing in my life! The Lord has called me to do a mighty work in His Kingdom! He’s preparing me in every area of my life. I am going through boot camp right now regarding my temple. In order to go forth and do the things in which God has designed for me to do, my temple has to be right! I’m breaking bad habits, letting go of the past, letting go of people who no longer uplift me and most of all, loving me and embracing my worth!

I’m blessed to have Dr. Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss Centers alongside of me on my journey to take back my temple. I started the weight loss program on June 16th and as of yesterday, August 25th, I have lost 28.6 pounds! That’s 28.6 pounds in 10 weeks! I must be honest that this is the best weight loss program I have ever tried; and trust me, I have tried many! :-)

Dr. Fisher and his staff have been very encouraging and motivating along the way. However, my biggest motivation comes from my hubby and girls. Earlier this week when my 9-year old hugged me, she said,” Wow mommy, look !!! I can put my arms all the way around you now!” She was so excited and proud of her mom! I cried because I was happy that The Lord is not only making a difference in me, but a difference in my girls as well. I’m thankful that God is using me as an example to my girls as they witness the importance of taking care of your temple! 

I hope that my progress will encourage you to make the final decision to stop putting off what’s important…taking care of your temple, the place where The Holy Spirit dwells.  I would love for you to take this journey with me because we have work to do for The Kingdom!

Remember, change your mind, you change your life. I changed my mind and begin to lose the weight from the inside out; not the outside in. It is work!!!! But I’m worth it; and so are you! Check out Dr. Fisher’s website at

Love the skin you are in and have a great day on purpose!

The Afternoon Angel

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