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A new report shows that white students are more likely to receive college scholarships than students of color.

The report shows that white students receive more than three times as much merit-based grant and private scholarship funding than students of color.

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The myth that students of color are taking all the scholarship money is so prevalent that policies like California’s Proposition 209 and Michigan’s Civil Rights Initiative (Proposal 2) include mentions that scholarships and financial aid should be awarded solely on the basis of need and ability, not race.

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“It just got really frustrating when every other scholarship you happen to find online you need not apply to based on your ethnicity or gender.” Colby Bohannan, who’s black and one of the founders of FMAE told a local Dallas television station in June.

ColorLines reports:

“I would say that the race myth is busted,” Kantrowit said in an interview with California Watch. “There is no evidence to support statements that minority students get more than their fair share of scholarships. If anything, Caucasian students receive more than their fair share … by a significant margin.”

The study was based on 2003-04 and 2007-08 data for hundreds of thousands of students from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study.

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