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After taking a 4-year break from the silver screen, 38-year-old born again Christian,  comedian/actor Chris Tucker is gearing up to deliver his new brand of comedy on the road with a 15-city tour to reintroduce himself as the stand-up comedian. But this time around Tucker will hit the stage profanity free! The shows on his tour will be about his life, how he grew up with 5 siblings, how it is living famous, life with his 12-year-old son and more! Plus, personal stories about the man he is and hopes to become!

After traveling the world and seeing people with no clean running water in Africa or the extreme poverty in India, Tucker says that one of the most valuable lessons he learned was that life is not about him; but about him doing more good to make this world better!

Don’t count Tucker out of the movies just yet! He says because there aren’t a lot of good movies being made, he’s working on developing and producing his own projects.

Source: Jet Magazine

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