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Have you beefed up your résumé to stand out? Or are you just saying the same thing everyone else is? If it does not pass the “So what, anybody can make that claim’ test,” leave it off. Instead scan your résumé for empty, overused words!

10 Useless Résumé Words

1. Outstanding       

2. Effective  

3. Strong     

4. Exceptional        

5. Good       

6. Excellent

7. Driven

8. Motivated

9. Seasoned

10. Energetic

 On the flip side, certain words can make hiring managers do a double take.

10 Useful Résumé Words

1. Created   

2. Increased 

3. Reduced  

4. Improved 

5. Developed

6. Researched

7. Accomplished

8. Won

9. On time

10. Under budget

 Source: Duncan Mathison, career consultant and co-author ofUnlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough.”

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