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 10. St. Louis: “The question isn’t whether you’re going to put on sweatpants; it’s whether you’re going to put on the “good” pair.”

9. Miami: “Third buttons hold on for dear life. Acid-washed jeans constellate under the black lights in the club. And those pointed-toe loafers … faux-alligator?”

8. Salt Lake City: “Deep in the heart of socks-with-sandals country … fleece vest, active-wear turtleneck, ill-fitting generic jeans …”

7. Maui: “Maui’s beaches and bars are an eyesore, saturated with oversized floral print shirts and linen drawstring pants …”

6. Philadelphia: “Mullets, ironed jeans, the groomed goatee … Add two million Vick jerseys, cheesesteak-grease stains, and Stallone’s grey sweatsuit and black Cons and you’ve pretty much covered the city’s entire contribution to the style community.”

5. Manhattan: “… Yes, on any given day, the people walking Madison Ave. or Soho or Harlem can appear as if they’ve leapt off the pages of GQ. But for every strike of greatness, there is an equal force of evil at work. Consider the Nine-Bro. You know, the pack of nine guys who walk down the street in unison, should-to-shoulder, outfitted in tacky black “Go Out” button-downs, embroidered denim, and product-inspired conflagrations on their head …”

4. Chicago: The city is home to the “The Parka Pierogi.” Ingredients: “Blown-out Nikes, torn cargoes, favorite novelty T-shirt, Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks hoodie –all wrapped up in a totally nondescript parka.”

3. Pittsburgh: “The citizens indulge a style that could be referred to as ‘Game Day Casual.’ It stems from their love of a certain NFL franchise and an utter indifference to their personal appearance and what you think of them.”

2. Los Angeles: “Men dress like boys, women like tweens, and middle-aged women like the trophy wives they once were …”

1. Boston: “To be fair, it’s hard to be a fashion capital when half of your population is made up of undergraduate hoodie monsters …’But Boston is the epicenter of prep style!,” you say? That’s true, but it’s with a little extra that ends up ruining everything: Khakis! — with pleats. Boat shoes! — with socks. Knit ties! …”

Source: GQ

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