For many people, taking advantage of economic opportunity means breaking free from a job and working for yourself. But, this decision cannot be taken lightly.

Here are some tips on taking that plunge:

  • Do Not Tell Anyone at Work of Your Plans — Even though our co-workers are often our closest friends, it’s important to be tight-lipped about your plans. Blabbing to them is not worth the risk. You may need your current job a while longer. No use chancing it.
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  • Be Professional when You Leave — Never burn any bridges. It’s that simple. You just never know when you might run into your old bosses again, not to mention might need investors or partners.
  • Have a Plan and Something That’s Working — Start your business in your free time and build it up to a point where you know you can succeed.
  • Already be Making Money Elsewhere — You want to know you at least have somewhat of a stream of money coming in before telling your boss you quit. 
  • Have Enough Cash to Live for a While — A savings stash of six months of living expenses should be your minimum. This will protect you against a lot of sleepless nights.
  • Be Motivated — Working from home isn’t as easy or “fun” as people think. You have put in the hours and have discipline. When you’re working for yourself, every minute you slack off, you are potentially losing money.


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