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So you’re so proud of yourself for staying a size 6. Well look out ladies — your favorite designers may be fooling you. More and more designers are turning to what has been dubbed “vanity labeling” — that is adding inches to traditional sizes so that women think they are a size or two smaller than they really are. It is especially common among the more expensive and higher-end brands. A once typical size 8 may now be a standard size 4. The trend is to create a positive attitude for shoppers when perusing, trying on, and eventually purchasing clothes. Joan Chrisler, a professor of psychology at Connecticut College says, “A woman who actually needs a size 12, but fits into a size 8, gets an immediate self-esteem boost.” And studies have shown that wearing larger sizes can have a direct negative effect on a woman’s self-esteem and behavior. So clothes may make the man, but apparently sizing makes the woman.

Source: AHN News

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