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 There are times when you want to dress up your old look but you just don’t have the funds to go out and get something new done. What you need to do is just add some pizazz to elevate your do from drab to fab, even on a tight budget! You can go natural on a budget!

How you ask? Accessories!

Have a fresh look at all your old accessories and try to imagine them working with your hair. I know, you’re wondering what your belts, scarves, bags and jewelery have to do with your hair. You’d be surprised what magic you can come up with! You want to do it in a way that complements your natural hair style so go for something with a little ethnic vibe. Think patterns, texture and colour. You don’t have to tie an elaborate headdress. Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. Try using a much loved scarf as a simple head wrap or maybe an old bracelet as a ponytail holder. See how your hair gets a sudden lift of color and a flirty playfulness from a simple ponytail holder? That’s what I’m talking about! You could take an old beaded necklace and weave it through your puff or tie it at the base for a pop of texture. Be Creative! Most accessories are stylish as well as affordable. Most are also designed to be kind to your natural hair, so no pulling or tangling. However you decide to jazz up your hairstyle remember to have fun with it and own it!


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