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What does it say about you?  Sociologist Dr. Jackie Boles says you can tell a lot about her by its color:

  • Black — You are a very dramatic person and you thrive on flamboyant, high-risk situations. And even though your swimsuit is dark, you have a colorful personality.
  • White — You’re very concerned about your appearance, but you tend to be rather crisp and cool. You’re businesslike and efficient.
  • Red — You want everyone to notice you. You do not beat around the bush, and you are willing to put yourself on the line.
  • Blue — Calm and serene, you almost always go out of your way to avoid arguments and generally keep your opinions to yourself.
  • Navy Blue — A neat and tidy person, you’re very organized. You are always on time and hate to be kept waiting.
  • Orange — You’re very happy with your life and have a positive attitude about the world and the people in it. You are also very enthusiastic.
  • Yellow — Bright and cheerful, you have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. You strive to be an individual, and you’re willing to stand up to anyone.
  • Purple — You make a great listener. You’re more concerned about others’ needs than your own.
  • Green — You’re a nature lover who tends to be romantic and passionate. You’re always ready to make a fresh start.
  • Brown — Down-to-earth and realistic, you’re very open and truthful. You believe in getting back to the basics.
  • Tan — You tend to keep your true emotions to yourself. You want to blend in with the crowd and enjoy the simple things in life.
  • Pink — You are a very happy soul who enjoys almost everything that you see and do. Men who wear pink are very confident about their masculinity. Women who wear pink are extremely feminine. They love frilly things and they enjoy traditional female tasks, such as sewing and cooking.

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