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Let’s just face it: life can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you are holding down every aspect of your life: family, social life, career, love/sex, spiritual life etc. – then you know what it’s like for relationships and situations to constantly evolve, grow, move and change. Yet, life can quickly carry us away, leaving us to feel like we’re carrying the world around on our shoulders. And sometimes that weight becomes unbearable, and we get confused, stressed and sometimes even a little depressed.

That’s when it’s time to take a break.  It’s time for you to rest your mind, to rest your body, and to simply just take a step back and realize that you need to get yourself together in order to move forward.

When life drags me down, I feel like running far away or taking a long vacation just to get away from it all. But sometimes, my schedule won’t allow it, so I take what I call a mental vacations or ‘a break’. Here are a few ways that I suggest you try to ‘get away’ and take a break:

Turn Off Your Phone: Most of us nowadays text more than we talk. We’re constantly available to almost anyone, all the time. Some of us are glued to our phones, like they are our siamese twins.  Phone time can be demanding and most of us don’t even notice how much time we spend on our phones. Do yourself a favor, and cut that sucker off! For an hour, a day… maybe even a few days. Just take from communicating with the outside world, and learn to focus on the simple things in life, such as the warmth from the sun hitting your face, the way your skin feels or the sounds that the chirping birds make in the morning.

Take A Media Fast: Stay off TheUrbanDaily, Mediatakeout and TMZ! Turn off your twitter (in fact, put yourself in twitter jail) and stay away from your Blackplanet and Facebook. Ignore all the updates, friends requests and the comments that your friends are posting up on your wall. No blogs, no TV, no gossip and no talk, radio or reality shows. And yes, it’s that serious. You’ll appreciate your thoughts when your thoughts are your own!

Write It Down: Write down what you are feeling and why. Call me crazy, but I once had an excellent shrink who taught me the value in reflection by writing it all down. Even if it makes no sense at all, write down the date and anything that comes to mind. Write down things that you can be proud of, such as accomplishments and/or relationships that you value. If you feel more comfortable recording yourself speaking or video taping yourself on your webcam, just do yourself a favor and take record your personal opinions, thoughts and feelings.

Meditate – Most people think meditation is easy, because by definition you are supposed to be thinking about nothing. But it’s actually easier said than done because its hard to think about nothing when there are a million things running through your head.  The goal of meditation is to relax your mind and to eliminate the cluttering thoughts that . So find a quiet spot and try not to actively think about anything. Remember, It is essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to your life.

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