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The internet is a place where people can share much of themselves with the world nowadays. You might not think much of it, but when you’re on places like Facebook, BlackPlanet, Youtube, or Myspace, you’re projecting an image of yourself and most of the time, it’s not the same as who you are in real life. In rare cases, the person you’re projecting online is a good representation of you (for example, musical talent) and in that case, the internet is able to bring you the recognition you deserve.

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Online internet sensations aren’t as rare as you think (for example, Antoine Dodson’s intruder speech (go to the 1:00 mark)), but they certainly aren’t the norm and it takes a lot of luck for online talent to take off. In the case of Antoine Dodson, he didn’t really mean to become popular. His rant about intruders were meant to bring attention to his sister’s attacker and bring justice for his family, rather than self-promotion. However, it was his unintentional wit and (albeit dark) humor that brought him fame in the end, since the talent was there and social networking sites as well as blogs were helpful in spreading an auto-tune version of his rant as a legitimate iTunes song. Antoine Dodson is one of many internet sensations that have blown up from a creative, sometimes unintentional rant that lots of people have just happened to watch. Viral videos or ideas that come from the internet are important for our culture today, as it’s a new way that gossip travels besides word of mouth. I’ve seen videos posted on Facebook and then get really popular for a while, even though it’s unclear how that popularity was achieved. It’s interesting to observe how quickly people learn about the weirdest scenarios from forwarded messages on the internet and that’s how they get their “news” about pop culture as a whole.

Since anyone can have a blog on BlackPlanet or post a Youtube video, it’s the free-for-all of our culture that sparks creativity in anyone who has the ideas to put out there. Hellobeautiful is another example of a collection of ideas that come from the internet and inspire people to think outside of the box. Many of the blog posts are originals by the bloggers themselves, which is a really strong way to get different points of view out to an audience. People don’t frequently analyze the true way that ideas get out to the public in this technological age, but it’s the work of millions of people who have stuff they want to share with others and post their videos, blog posts, and general musings to anyone who will listen. By seeing that the internet is a bigger influence in our lives than we might think, it’s easier to see why viral videos like Dodson’s can bring the “5 minutes of fame” that’s also popular in other mediums like reality television or gossip magazines.

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One of the most creative videos I’ve seen in a while that I found on Urlesque is of a Youtube singer, Destorm who decided to do his own original versions of cartoon themes from the last 20 years or so in 5 segments of video. It’s a really innovative and creative project which makes it easy to see how he’s sparked some internet fame. Technology has changed the way people receive ideas and express themselves to the general public, since even in the next 10 to 20 years, this “information age” could evolve again. Creativity has been changing from paper-and-pencil to digital, so Destorm certainly won’t be the last to have his talent praised by total strangers in cyberspace.

Watch the video below and ask yourselves these questions: Where will be 10 years from now if this is the direction the internet is taking? Do you use the internet as a way to express yourself?

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