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Special Guests: Antoine & Pam Lee

Hosts: Tiffany Bacon, Marcos and Amarillis Mercado

Original Air Date: Jan. 2, 2010

Re-Air Date: February 6, 2010

One thought on “Marriage Beyond The Vows Podcast: Relationships

  1. God Bless you all! I couldn’t get through by phone, which is to be expected because of the intensity of your show. I usually don’t call or email shows even though many times I’ve wanted to. I am a 62yr. old woman-of-color,who worked for 40 yrs. as a medical professional. I have also been a mental health patient for 29yrs, diagnosed with so-called “Bipolar Disorder”. I say this to say that I’ve been on both sides of the bed. This is not about me. I am EXTREMELY concerned for the young man named Luis who said he was depressed,didn’t care about his job, etc.If possible, I strongly you to have someone contact him because he sounded suicidal. When a person sounds the way he did, he’s begging for help. I thank God that I’ve never been suicidal, but when mentally stressed, the opening comes for the evil one to whisper destructive suggestions in one’s ear. My heart goes out to this young man. If you haven’t already contacted him, PLEASE do so, as I can hear in his voice that he’s on the edge! God Bless, and keep on keeping on! Reerah.

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