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As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we at wanted to highlight  some of the amazing women who inspire us everyday.  We selected 25 women of different ages, across many fields who are currently making history as they strive fearlessly to achieve their greatest limits.  While some of these ladies are at the beginning of their careers and some are seasoned veterans, we believe all of them are “women to know”.  Read on to find out who made the list.

Our First Woman To Know: “The Firework”: Ester Dean

Profiles by: Blackie Collins

Additional Reporting by: L. Davenport, K. Ovalle

Blackie Collins is a Manhattan girl with a big heart and a closet full of girly things like skirts and heels. When she isn’t writing, she can be found scouring blogs, brunching with friends, or enjoying happy hour at any hour of the day. Her true passion is boys. It is perhaps the reason she can’t get anything done. She lives in a great, rent controlled apartment with a great, uncontrolled dog. She has quite a few parking tickets, and dreams of the day DVF or YSL decide to slum it with a line in Target. Get it in with her at, email her at, or follow her on Twitter @blackiecollins.

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