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It was just last week that a Yale employee made national news when he destroyed a glass panel in the campus dining hall that depicted slaves picking cotton. Corey Menafee was arrested and fired after destroying campus property, but today he got some good news involving the incident.   ABC News is reporting that Corey […]

Erika Christakis asked if there was "no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious.”


As student protests gain momentum, criticism of them is simultaneously bubbling up around the country.

Everyone knows that in the realm of higher education, the Ivy League universities rule. They’re the country’s most prestigious and thought to be among the world’s best schools. Yale, Harvard, Penn and the others are also considered to almost guarantee financial success to their graduates. This year we’ve heard of a handful of African American […]

  Kwasi Enin is taking his brains to Yale. In a move usually reserved for highly recruited athletes, a suburban New York high school student…