It’s Whatcha Think Thursday on the Lonnie Hunter Show and a caller asks for advice on getting a divorce from a husband whom she is separated from due to domestic violence and is currently in jail.  Listen to Lonnie as he gives the lady some critical advice.

Lonnie talks to a couple about being together for 32 years and not being married.  Listen to the live audio right here!

A caller is getting frustrated because her husband does not have a job and she is taking on the financial burden.  Listen to the advice Lonnie gives the woman about talking to her husband about his difficulty in obtaining a job.

A wife believes her husband does not love her because after they had been married for some time, he now refuses to keep up on his hygiene and refuses to bathe everyday.  Listen to the advice Lonnie gives to her on the situation for a Whatcha Think Thursday 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Via Philly News Dot Com An Upper Darby father halted his son being kidnapped from a local corner store after the boy had ventured to the store by himself.  The culprit walked into the store behind the kid and offered to buy him candy and other treats.  Before the child leaves the store, the man […]

Listener calls into Lonnie and questions the validity of the Stellar Awards as it pertains to the Kingdom and whether or not artists should participate in them.  Check out Lonnie’s response right now!

Lonnie goes head to head with a Pastor that believes Christmas is the devil and should be shutdown.  Listen to Lonnie’s discussion below.