The "Southside With You" star says Janice Acquista had a warrant for a mere $10 balance.

Believe it or not, actress Tika Sumpter’s mother, who lives in North Carolina, was arrested over an over-due library book. Tika took to twitter sharing her story, explaining that her mother incurred a $10 late fee which ultimately led to her arrest. Tika’s mother has since been released. Like on Facebook. Follow us […]


President Barack Obama visited the state of Louisiana on Tuesday to survey the unprecedented flood damage after much criticism from local and national authorities for not ending his vacation early.

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By now it’s safe to say that John Legend and his production company are inching closer and closer to becoming major players in Hollywood. After the record-breaking ratings and critical acclaim that the Legend-produced WGN series The Underground received when it premiered earlier this year and the upcoming highly-anticipated film about The Obama’s love story […]

Black Hollywood comes together to combat systemic racism in the 'Somebody Is Today' PSA.

Tiki Sumpter’s character on “The Haves & The Have Nots” was busy this season. Busy kidnapping, blackmailing, and even having an affair! It’s safe to…

A feature film about President Barack Obama’s courtship of Michelle is in the works at producer Stephanie Allain’s (Hustle & Flow, Beyond the Lights) Homegrown Pictures.…

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Not only do you see Tika Sumpter on OWN’s hit show “The Haves & The Haves Not,” she appears on the big screen, too. The…